Tamping machine – Type SE 7V

Technical specifications:

This machine is used for fixing copper cables into carbon brushes by tamping. It is the succession type of our Tamping Machine Type SE 5.


Machine body of aluminium profiles. Attached electric switch box with a programmable processor. by Siemens. Compressed air maintenance unit. Moveable table running on ball sleeves. Two table lifting cylinders. Oil brake cylinder for slow movement of the last 10 mm of stroke. The safety cabin is equipped with a light curtain, therefore no double hand push buttons necessary. Full digital precision tamping frequency (9 steps ) by means of a fast switching valve. The force of impacts is determined by tension springs, which can be exchanged quickly. Depending on the application there are 4 types of tamping heads available:

  1. Standard type tamping head for chopper cables 0.5-6.5mm diameter
  2. Soft tamping head for chopper cables 0.3-3.4mm diameter
  3. Ultra light tamping head for chopper cables 0.1-2.2mm diameter
  4. Heavy tamping head for copper cables 2,5-8,6mm diameter

Short set up time and therefore also suitable for short run production.


For processing tamping contacts on carbon brushes and cutting the copper cable to the required length.

tamping Machine SE 7V


Part fammily
  • cable drum diameter Ø = max 250 mm
  • cable drum lengtht  = max 200 mm
  • travel of tamping tube  = 15 – 27 mm
  • force of impacts  = 2 – 80 N
  • tamping frequency / second  = 6,5 – 14
  • required air pressures  = 4 – 6 bar
  • compressed air consumption  = 45 L/min
  • space requirements  = 100 x 100 x 160 cm
  • net weight approx  = 230 kg
  • gross weight approx  = 400 kg
  • box dimension   = 110 x 100 x195cm