Company Description

New in our program

Babitsch Mechanics develops and produces high-quality machine solutions for you with decades of durability according to the company slogan “High quality solutions“.

The special field is

  • in prototype production,
  • in special mechanical engineering
  • and especially in mechanical engineering for the production of carbon brushes.

Our machines cover the entire production of carbon brushes. Starting with cutting and grinding machines for the brush body up to the final assembly with tamping of the current cable and attachment of the end piece. Machines for testing and marking round off the program. We offer machines for individual processes and multifunctional machines that perform several work steps at the same time.

Tamping machine SE 7 NC


Grinding machines

Ausreissprüfgerät APE 1

Measuring instuments

tamping Machine SE 7V

tamping machines

Bearbeitungszentrum BAZ 200

Multifunctional machines