Tamping machine - Type SE 8V


  • Machine body of aluminium profiles.
  • Attached electric switch box with a programmable processor - control voltage 24 VDC.
  • The force of impacts is determined by tension springs, which can be quickly exchanged.
  • Double action table lifting cylinder with an adjustable stroke and with a special speed regulation for the last 10 mm of the top or down movement.
  • The scissor is moving by means of a tandem cylinder.
  • The table is running on sturdy columns on double sealed ball sleeves.
  • Very high capacity and a very short set up time and therefore also suitable for short run production.

Depending on the application there are 5 types of tamping heads to choose from:

  • Heavy tamping head for copper wire 3,0 – 8,6 mm diameter
  • Standard tamping head for copper wire 0,5 – 6,5 mm diameter
  • Small tamping head for copper wire 0,3 – 3,4 mm diameter
  • Ultra light tamping head for copper wire  0,3 – 2,4 mm diameter
  • Ultra-light rotating tamping head for copper wire 0,3 – 2,4 mm diameter

Method of operation:
The carbon brush is clamped firm by means of a manually actuated or automatically controlled pneumatic vice.
The insert jaws of the vices must be selected to suit the carbon brush size.
The copper cable to be tamped into the brush is made to knot itself at the bottom of the drill hole.

The following components must be selected to suit the diameter of the copper cable:
- clamp
- tubular ram
- bottom plate
- tension springs, if necessary


Copper powder is now introduced uniformly between the drill hole walls and the copper cable and tamped firm. The amount of copper powder allowed to pour into the hole for each impact can be regulated. Once the pre-selected level of copper powder has been reached the sequence of operations is automatically brought to an end with the cutting of the cable.


To produce the tamping contact and for cutting the copper rope.

          Technical specifications

          - Cable drum diameter:
            max. 250 mm
          - Cable drum length: max. 200 mm
          - Stroke of the tamping tube:
            15 - 27 mm
          - Impact stregth: 2 - 80 N
          - Impact frequency per minute:
            400 - 1.200 Schläge/min
          - Impact frequency per second:
            6,6 - 18 beats / sec.
          - Required compressed air pressure:
            6,0 bar
          - Compressed air consumption:
            45 NL/min
          - Space requirements:
            1.000 x 1.000 x 1.600 mm
          - Net Weight: approx 230 kg
          - Gross Weight: approx 400 kg

          Stampfmaschine SE 8V