Drilling machines - Type AB 90-W

Difference to AB 90:

AB 90: Drilling unit is fix; The feed magazine is slew able in two axes

AB 90 W: Drilling unit is slew able in one axis; The feed magazine is slew able in the second axis (recommend for brushes with drilling in angles, the feeding angle is always 45 degree)


Stand of aluminium profiles construction. Drilling unit of solid grey cast iron. All movable parts of drilling unit running in ball bearings. The tilting drilling unit can be set by means of a cross slide to the required position of drill hole. Adjustable feed magazine for different types of carbon brushes. Union for connecting up to the central dust extraction. Lowering unit for setting the drill hole depth (0.1 mm = .00393" scale) Driller is guided in a drill bushing. (necessary for drilling under an angle) Automatic feeding of carbon brushes with aid of shaker conveyor.



  1. For fully automatic drilling of large batches of carbon brushes. The drill hole can be straight or at an angle to the top surface of brush.
  2. For cutting a spiral at the drill hole wall (scraping or scoring).This is done by a second passage through the machine.
  3. For simultaneously marking of the carbon brushes.
  4. For simultaneously drilling of two parallel drill holes by means of an adjustable twin drill head.
  5. For scraping or scoring of two parallel drill holes by a second passage, by means of an adjustable twin drill head.

According to material and drill hole depth stepless variable between 240 and 2700 pieces per hour.
The capacity can be increased by using a carbide drill-spitz.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications:

- Drill hile diameter: 0,5 - 8 mm
- The spindle speed:
  8.000 U/min
- Largest hole depth: 25 mm
- Engine performance: 0,55 kW
- Cone seat: B 12
- Compressed air supply: 6 bar
- Suction: 50 mm
- Required vacuum:
  150 mm water column
- Space requirements:
  900 x 900 x 1.400 mm
- Net weight: approx 150 kg
- Gross weight: approx 265 kg


In standard design:
a = 4 - 30 mm
t = 2 - 30 mm
r = 4 - 45 mm
In reinforced design the feeder chute:
a = 6 - 50 mm
t = 16 - 55 mm
r = 20 - 75 mm

Bohrautomat AB 90-W